Aqua Blast®️ Tether in Action

The Aqua Blast®️ Tether controls the drift of the bag  -- It Rocks!

This video shows Aqua Blast in action and how you can punch, kick, lift, and throw Aqua Blast for fun and fitness.

Aqua Blast®️ Setup

This video shows you how to fill Aqua Blast®️ with water in about one minute, and how to collapse the bag for storage also in about one minute. 

Aqua Blast can be used with or without a tether system.

Aqua Blast tether setup and use

The Aqua Blast tether system is an optional component that controls the drift of the bag after it is punched or kicked. 

This video explains how to setup and use the Aqua Blast tether system for a high intensity workout.

Aqua Blast balancing, step ups, and log rolls

Use Aqua Blast® for balance, step ups, and log rolls. I suggest trying balance exercises away from pool walls and starting in about chest deep water, then gradually move into shallower water.

By varying the depth, you control how much of your body you want to lift out of water.

Aqua Blast®️ setup and technical information

Aqua Blast®️ sets up in about one minute. All the information you need to know about how the bag sets up, how to use air pressure so you can stand on the bag, and how to store the bag.

Aqua Blast®️

 Aqua Blast®️ - the ultimate underwater punching bag 

Aqua Blast®️ - the underwater punching bag

Aqua Blast®️ is the fun way to get a low-impact, full-body workout in the weightless environment of a swimming pool. Punch, kick, push, pull and lift yourself into shape and have a BLAST

Aqua Blast®️ , tethering with surfboard leash

Just trying some new things. The surfboard leash works well when you want to control the drift of Aqua Blast®️ .

Aqua Blast®️ Pool Platform

 Last week's Aqua Blast video had aquatic fitness experts asking whether Aqua Blast® can be tethered to prevent drift after it is punched or kicked. The solution is shown in today's video.  This is a prototype, mind you, and I haven't worked out all the bugs, but I was pleased with the results. A trip to Home Depot, a few PVC parts, and some pipe glue -- and voila -- a special adapter that fits in any olympic size plate weight.

Aqua Blast®️ - Neutral Buoyancy

You can regulate the position of Aqua Blast by adding or removing air and weight, allowing it submerge into a neutrally buoyant position below the water for additional exercises. I plan to develop a platform that the device attaches to keep it tethered in a fixed position. Stay tuned!