The Aqua Blast™

is a water-filled exercise bag for swimming pools and is the fun way to get a low-impact workout using water resistance.

About Us

RomaQuatics™ means Strength in Water™

Roma comes from the Greek word for strength (ῥώμη). At RomaQuatics, our mission is to provide aquatic exercise gear designed to promote strength, fitness and conditioning using the therapeutic benefits of water resistance. In water, your body becomes nearly weightless, allowing you to perform a range of movements without the stress on muscles and joints one may experience with traditional exercise, such as treadmills and running. Water also provides a cooling effect on the body so you can workout longer and recover faster.

Whether you are training for competition, recovering from injury, participating in group exercise or want to burn off steam after a stressful day, our line of low-impact aquatic exercise bags provide upper body, lower body, and core conditioning using water resistance.

The  Aqua Blast™ is the fun way to use water resistance to kick, punch, lift and throw your way into shape; it's easy to setup and transport; it provides a low-impact upper and lower body workout; and it can be used by anyone able to stand in a swimming pool.

Purchase the Aqua Blast™

To order the Aqua Blast™, call (206) 487-4100 or email us at and we will help you choose the right device.

Pricing available on request.

Instruction & Demonstrations

Check out our YouTube videos at

 If you are a trainer and want to learn how to incorporate the Aqua Blast™ into new and existing water aerobics classes, call us at (206) 487-4100 or send an email to We work with instructors to help setup and customize classes. 


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