Aqua Blast® - the ultimate underwater punching bag

Aqua Blast® is the ultimate underwater punching bag and water fitness device for swimming pools

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RomaQuatics® means Strength in Water®

Aqua Blast® is the fun way to use water resistance to kick, punch, lift and throw your way into shape; it's easy to set up; provides a low-impact full body workout; and can be used by anyone able to stand in a swimming pool, plus it folds flat for storage and travel.

After suffering a shoulder injury several years ago, I started water therapy to help with my recovery. I wasn't satisfied with the water exercise devices available, so I created my own, and invented Aqua Blast® .

Aqua Blast®  is a patent pending water-filled exercise device for swimming pools that provides a low-impact full-body workout that is a “Blast" to use. The Aqua Blast may also be beneficial for rehabilitation and range of motion (ROM) therapy. 

In a swimming pool, your body becomes weightless in the surrounding water, allowing a wide range of movements without stress on joints, muscles and connective tissue. Aquatic exercise reduces muscle and joint stress and eases the pounding your body absorbs from activities like tennis, running, or treadmills. Water also cools the body so you can workout longer and recover faster. 

At RomaQuatics, our mission is to provide aquatic exercise gear designed to promote strength, fitness and conditioning using the therapeutic benefits of water resistance. The word Roma is derived from the Greek word for strength (ῥώμη) — RomaQuatics® literally means Strength in Water® .

Whether you are training for competition, recovering from injury, participating in group exercise or want to burn off steam, our line of low-impact aquatic exercise bags provide upper body, lower body, and core conditioning using water resistance. 

Rob Magrino, Inventor and Founder


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